Aim contains 10 original tests papers + 10 actual Bagrut tests from the previous year. Each of the 20 tests includes a reading comprehension task and a listening comprehension task, and each unit is accompanied by vocabulary practice. Throughout the book, your student will learn unique reading and listening strategies that are useful for doing well on the Bagrut tests.

What makes Aim the best choice for your students?

  • Aim includes 20 tests for mastering Module A.
  • All new words introduced are high frequency words on Module A Bagrut tests.
  • Every topic covered is both educational and stimulating.

לצפייה בפרק דוגמא לחצו כאן

AIM Listening 

לצפייה בספר לחצו כאןהקישור זמין עד ה-15 באוגוסט