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SCORE! is a course for 3-point students in high school.

SCORE! offers:

  • a large number of lexical items from Expand II.
  • frequent recycling of new vocabulary in order
    to ensure learning.
  • teaching of HOTS and application of these skills
    in challenging tasks.
  • independent reading texts that recycle
    the vocabulary acquired in each unit.
  • engaging and authentic topics.
  • a large variety of literary pieces that
    convey important life lessons.
  •  guided writing program.

Student's Book
Practice Book
Listening -CD
Answer Key

 לצפייה בפרק לדוגמא (חלק א) לחצו כאן
 לצפייה בפרק לדוגמא (חלק ב) לחצו כאן
לצפייה בפרק לדוגמא (חלק ג) לחצו כאן


לצפייה בפרק לדוגמא מתוך חוברת העבודה לחצו כאן