SkyLine Book Cover

SKYLINE is an engaging course for 4 and 5 point-students in high school.

SKYLINE offers:

  • high-level lexical items.
  • frequent recycling of new vocabulary in order to ensure learning.
  • practice and reentering of HOTS.
  • independent reading texts that recycle the vocabulary acquired in each unit.
  • motivating and relevant topics.
  • beautiful literary pieces in every unit.
  • step-by-step writing syllabus.

SKYLINE includes:

Student's Book
Practice Book
Listening -CD
Answer key

לצפייה בפרק דוגמא (חלק א) לחצו כאן

לצפייה בפרק דוגמא (חלק ב) לחצו כאן

לצפייה בפרק לדוגמא מתוך חוברת העבודה לחצו כאן